The OH!Lab at CMU

Play. Learning. Design. Culture.

The OHLab is a collective home of research supervised by Jessica Hammer and Amy Ogan, along with their their students, staff, and colleagues. The lab works at the intersection of culture, learning, play, and design in order to create brand new interactions and experiences. Through games, educational technologies, and new frameworks of interaction, the lab pushes on the edges of learning, empathy, and social empowerment. You can find us at the CMU HCII in Newell-Simon Hall Room 4602.

What we do

We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers, designers, and leaders.


We use qualitative, quantitative, and observational methods as part of our HCI research.

Game Design

We make award-winning digital and non-digital games as part of our research process.


We create innovative pedagogy and systems, then deploy them in real-world classrooms.

Cultural Change

We develop inclusive processes for research, and center minoritized populations in our work.

Featured Projects

Health Literacy

Improving health literacy in marginalized communities with a transformational game.

Live Streaming

Creating the next generation of supportive learning, game streaming interfaces.

Diversity & Inclusion

Cultivating a sense of belonging and persistence for BIWOC in STEM